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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Every Thing IS Fair in War & Love

ISLAMABAD, 19 April 2012:The United States of America making tall claims for a safe and harmonious Afghanistan, and trying to at least achieve this goal even verbally. But the goal is far away because of its increasing attitude and ignoring the Afghan culture exists over there. The eleven years long war just yielded in crossing the ethical boarders, terrorising the citizens and violating the religious lines sketched in that very society. It would have very useful if they had made their attack on minds not on bodies. For this they would have to grab the Afghan community creating a common field of experience and promoting their culture and ideology because these are the things upon which you hav’t seen any compromise anywhere across the globe. The US has an elite class of researchers and a good mode of using this phenomenon but only in war triggering sector and to embrace the globe and its resources.  If we have a glimpse over the US troops behaviour for Afghanis in 2012, the media reported news are as below.
In January 2012 a video footage was leaked in which the US soldiers were showed urinating on Afghan Corpses.
In February 2012 the Afghan public was seen on roads after knowing that the Quran was burnt in violation of Islam at Bagram Airbase in Afghanistan. The last month a US soldier went on rampage and shot 17 Afghan civilians to death including most of children. And recently the American Newspaper “The Los Angeles Times” has published photos of US troops in the newspaper said that US troops abusing the bodies of alleged Afghan insurgents, Which is badly condemned on each floor of the international community. If this is the standard of US then I think US should withdraw from Afghanistan soon as possible failing which they may face an ego war which is consider as  the most dangerous risky and blood shedding war amongst the Pukhtoon Community.