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Friday, February 3, 2012

Baby costs mother life

ISLAMABAD Feb 04, 2012: A family in North West of Pakistan got their baby after eight years of being married on Thursday January 26. Due to poor condition of their existing family and abnormal delivery they could only contact a government service for their delivery and that was Malakand District Head quarter Hospital Butkhela.
The delivery was an abnormal case and carried out through a major surgery of Maternity services known as C-Section Operation. They would have to be happy beyond the limits but it was not the case. Really what happened to the baby that soon after his birth \, the baby were found missing and a stroke of grief hit this poor bad luck family.
The mother soon after getting back in his senses started crying for his one in only now born child.  The authority did not paid any attention towards their serious matter but the media and sources click the news to the main stream and the involved were stressing for recovery. The police moved for an action to investigate this unethical action.
The mother was shocked too that she could not bear this unlawful, and passed away after the third day of his baby missing. This fueled the media more and accelerated the investigation process and on the fourth day the baby was somehow recovered from the adjacent area named Talash Lower Dir. Whatever the punishment to be given to guilty one, but the fact remains that the mother lost her baby and the baby lost his mother forever. This
Is not the first case of this sort in our country, but jus one and half month ago same had reported by the media from Karachi. The authorities should take serious steps to stop this and to restore the image of the poor’s only supporting Government hospitals.



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