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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Drone kills Five, injured Seven

ISLAMABAD Feb, 16, 2012: American drone visits are in full fledge despite a diplomatic cold war. The American Drone jets again hit a so called target in North Waziristan. The early morning of Thursday carried a drone strike in Meran Shah, Spalga area of Narth Waziristan. The flights fired two missiles on a house leaving five dead and seven others received injuries.
The violation of arial frontiers of Pakistan, again been observed by the U.S drone scheme. Though the diplomatic situations have tightened the both, U.S and Pakistan so closely that none of them can let himself for a risk. But the United States shows its irresponsibility and wickedness in the region and attacking the sovereignty of a free nation. The recent exchange of harsh statements amongst both the states has led the situations to verse.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Whether to Be FATA or PATA

ISLAMABAD Feb, 07, 2012: Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), the Semi autonomous tribal regions in northwest of Pakistan situated between the province of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Balochistan and neighboring country Afghanistan. The FATA contained seven tribal Agencies naming, Bajaur, Khyber, Mohmand, Kuram, Aurakzai, North Waziristan, South Waziristan and Six Frontier Regions (FR). The total population of the FATA was estimated in 2000 to be about 3,341,070 people, or roughly 2% of Pakistan's population. Only 3.1% of the population resides in established townships. It is thus the most rural administrative unit in Pakistan.
The territory has gained a wide coverage in the local as well as International media. The residents of surviving against the black law named Federal Crimes Regulations (FCR) since 1901 imposed by the Britain. The jurisdiction of Supreme Court and High Court of Pakistan does not exist in FATA; the premier constitution of Pakistan mentioned it in its Article 247 and 248. The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Provincial Assembly has no power in FATA, and can only exercise its powers in PATA that are part of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.
The area ruled by the federal Government on behalf of President of Pakistan and Governor Khyber Pukhtunkhwa.
The president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari has approved the Political reforms in FATA in last August 2011. In accord of that approval the political parties of Pakistan could exercise their political activities in the region. After the embracing of war against terror in Pakistan, the government has closed the circle of insurgents existing over here and trying to start a political set up here.
There are three optional ways to solve this problem which is about the future of FATA.
The first option is to kept the FATA same as existing, carrying political Agent and Tribal traditional System as well as the black law of FCR.
The second option is to engulf the FATA into Khyber Pukhtunkhwa but the FATA Grand alliance has denied this option already. While the third option is to make the FATA as an isolate province, comprising of all seven agencies and six Frontier Regions. But the third option carries a problem that these entire seven agencies are not adjacently linked with each other geographically halting the process of securing an isolate province. Whatever the decision of FATA may be, but it must be based on the opinion of the dwelling peoples. The government should take serious stops to solve the issue and to stop the extremist activities, cashing the dispersed administrative situations.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lady of Swat valley

ISLAMABAD, Feb, 05, 2012: The Swat valley has been remained the hub of war against terrorism and extremism and the people living over there were convicted in this bloodshed zone for more than three years. The Armed Forces of Pakistan move their targets towards the Malakand Division in 2007 to combat the war of insurgency flashed by so called Taliban. The Swat valley, before this was known as the Switzerland of Pakistan and the tourist were not only visiting from far flung of Pakistan, but from the rest of the world as well.
This war against militancy has quit not only the female education for the time being but has also crashes their wishes of becoming a professional lady. Soon after the dark of militancy the Dawn of a peaceful swat shined many faces that is worthy of worlds level announcement like Malala Yaousafzai, who has been nominated for world peace award. But I am going to explore another courageous lady of the swat who stands shoulder by shoulder with men in this male dominated society.
The Saima Anwar holds the honor of being firs female practicing in the whole Malakand Division. Talking to her she told that she has secured her law degree from swat and then she wished to become a practicing lawyer. Her family happily allowed her to go to the district courts to help the women congested over there, she expressed.
The female advocate stressed on the need of female lawyers and compared that as we need female doctor for our delivery and maternity cases similarly our society also cries for a female lawyer to fight all the family matters in a better and understandable way.
She explored that most of our cases are family case involving women, so I can easily understand the problems of a female and she can also told me the facts without any hesitation. She further said that she never afraid of being working amongst the male lawyers and also appreciated the Swat Bar Council for providing her a family environment.
Saima Anwar, at the end has given a message to today’s women that the world is full of challenges and if she wants to survive against it, she must be at least graduate in her qualification.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Baby costs mother life

ISLAMABAD Feb 04, 2012: A family in North West of Pakistan got their baby after eight years of being married on Thursday January 26. Due to poor condition of their existing family and abnormal delivery they could only contact a government service for their delivery and that was Malakand District Head quarter Hospital Butkhela.
The delivery was an abnormal case and carried out through a major surgery of Maternity services known as C-Section Operation. They would have to be happy beyond the limits but it was not the case. Really what happened to the baby that soon after his birth \, the baby were found missing and a stroke of grief hit this poor bad luck family.
The mother soon after getting back in his senses started crying for his one in only now born child.  The authority did not paid any attention towards their serious matter but the media and sources click the news to the main stream and the involved were stressing for recovery. The police moved for an action to investigate this unethical action.
The mother was shocked too that she could not bear this unlawful, and passed away after the third day of his baby missing. This fueled the media more and accelerated the investigation process and on the fourth day the baby was somehow recovered from the adjacent area named Talash Lower Dir. Whatever the punishment to be given to guilty one, but the fact remains that the mother lost her baby and the baby lost his mother forever. This
Is not the first case of this sort in our country, but jus one and half month ago same had reported by the media from Karachi. The authorities should take serious steps to stop this and to restore the image of the poor’s only supporting Government hospitals.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Thoughts about Journalism

ISLAMABAD, 02 Feb, 2012: it was 2008 when I got admission at versity for qualifying my master degree in journalism to swim in the pool of journalism. Being a student I was not too good to study hard but beside to be practical, I was a craze for joining this mysterious field. I have founded a little chance for getting start of my zero career and it was a news agency tolerating me because of their need and my devotion for work.

In the studies we have told that journalism is a platform from where a journalist can put a social problem or issue to the table of helms of affairs. Moreover we have also being told of media ethics and sensitivity of our pen about an event. Beyond all this as student of journalism I came across a few personalities, already feeding the media so it fueled more to my craze to be a journalist.
And at the end I got my degree in mass communication form the University of Peshawar in 2010. Now my first aim was to be engaged with a certain media organization to coordinate my theoretical achievements with practical horrors. It was more than a tough and frustrating job for me like student to hold himself unemployed in the city. Even then I kept crawling towards my aim that is to be journalist.
Somehow I visit the office of a media organization where I found a link to join a news agency as an internee and that was my first achievement, but what I found there,,,ohhhh was something cross proportional to all the stuff I studied. And once again I started from a new zero, but it was not that zero, worthy of nothing but some thing relaxing me, and providing a hope of fulfilling my dream.
And then I click another opportunity in which I am still engaged. But it was journey of two years wondering in media streets, that I stated in a few sentences. What I found the conclusion is that why the students are being taught that idea which is only a book limited and one cannot find it practicing somewhere. The other thing I got that with out any reference you are nothing in the media, provided that you are good journalist even. The third and last thing is that unemployment will slap you again and again but you have to hike your ego against it, that not to surrender. And when you got a little key to open big doors you will accredit your that survival as your ladder towards the sky.