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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lady of Swat valley

ISLAMABAD, Feb, 05, 2012: The Swat valley has been remained the hub of war against terrorism and extremism and the people living over there were convicted in this bloodshed zone for more than three years. The Armed Forces of Pakistan move their targets towards the Malakand Division in 2007 to combat the war of insurgency flashed by so called Taliban. The Swat valley, before this was known as the Switzerland of Pakistan and the tourist were not only visiting from far flung of Pakistan, but from the rest of the world as well.
This war against militancy has quit not only the female education for the time being but has also crashes their wishes of becoming a professional lady. Soon after the dark of militancy the Dawn of a peaceful swat shined many faces that is worthy of worlds level announcement like Malala Yaousafzai, who has been nominated for world peace award. But I am going to explore another courageous lady of the swat who stands shoulder by shoulder with men in this male dominated society.
The Saima Anwar holds the honor of being firs female practicing in the whole Malakand Division. Talking to her she told that she has secured her law degree from swat and then she wished to become a practicing lawyer. Her family happily allowed her to go to the district courts to help the women congested over there, she expressed.
The female advocate stressed on the need of female lawyers and compared that as we need female doctor for our delivery and maternity cases similarly our society also cries for a female lawyer to fight all the family matters in a better and understandable way.
She explored that most of our cases are family case involving women, so I can easily understand the problems of a female and she can also told me the facts without any hesitation. She further said that she never afraid of being working amongst the male lawyers and also appreciated the Swat Bar Council for providing her a family environment.
Saima Anwar, at the end has given a message to today’s women that the world is full of challenges and if she wants to survive against it, she must be at least graduate in her qualification.



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