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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Checkbook Journalism Or Watch Dog Role

ISLAMABAD,17 June, 2012:The media molds the public opinion and the public use the media for their gratification so it’s a huge debate to define either media sets the agenda for the public what to watch or the public distinguished about what kind of content they really think..?
What so ever is the theme but the fact that remains the same is the media effects that do work with a proper channel. There are some planes set behind the camera and even behind the journalist.  If we remind the video shared on social network about Dr. Amir Liaqat Hussain showing him saying some unethical words which is generally his audience would’t expect from him like personality. What the reality was behind that video that he had left a so called popular TV channel (we all know) and this was a campaign against  him, though the video was based on real images but was not pure and was edited in way that audience were not able to get the reality. Whatever the impact of that video on the public and their opinion leader but the agenda set (propaganda) set against him was mostly successful for more of the time. Similarly to bring the Maya Khan Back another TV conduct her sympathetic and emotional program in which she excused the audience and declared her all raided program as drama and pre-planned. Similarly the shifted team from the popular TV channel (Geo) to Dunya News has performed the recent propaganda campaign against their channel. The propaganda shows the truth but one sided and packed with such planned words which are to be believed negative. Though the video shows the reality and the media has been facing the strong criticism from both the public and institutions. This is all because of helplessness of media governing body PEMRA. The said authority has not implemented the media ethics yet in the media organizations and just watching the game as a spectator. Our country media has lost its growing image and credibility because of mutual disagreements and misunderstandings. The prestigious organization they are and the cream scholars of the society they have but even then they forget the lesson of together we stand. A new era of young journalist is now expected in the media but this would not be let smoothly to go on by the existing pillars of each organization. A tough survival is awaiting for our media and all the huge organization will engulf the locals and small ones.



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