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Monday, March 12, 2012

Iran offered 24 billion, Pak thinks

ISLAMABAD, 13 March,2012  : Amid the stretched tension between the unmatched couple, Pakistan and America, Iran has offered and amount of 24  billion to fulfill The Pak-Iran Gas Pipe line desired project. The cabinet of Pakistan will today set together to either accept the offer or go for the second option that is to release the Tender of 1.5 billion dollars in the name of China or Russia on fair conditions to bury the web of gas pipe lines in Pakistan. This is when the ties between the terror fighting countries came to boiling point. The Iran is getting isolate on the world forum, while the Pakistan is suffering disappointment from its feeding friend. So this situation has given rise to a reviewing culture in Pakistan’s foreign policy and the Iran is now getting the shelter of Pakistan. The energy crises in Pakistan is so alarming that the said pipeline theme should have been completed but the bended foreign policy towards the Uncle Sam , delayed it in the name of hazarding matter to the piece of the region.



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