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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

FM Radios Performing as Community Radios

ISLAMABAD,Dec,08, 2011: I would like to remind you the reason that had fought the Second World War and claimed millions of humanity. The simple reason was The Radio as propaganda tool used by the German dictator Adolf Hitler against the America and its allies. The radio was disseminating the conquering news of Hitler’s forces, exaggerating it and broadcasting it. It was assumed that the Americans were feared of Hitler’s attack with in minimum time. To counter this propaganda and words and information war the Americans had established Propaganda Analysis Institute and started the information combat parallel with weapons war.
The radio has its own reliability, credibility and its communicational importance that can be better understand with the emergence of FM Radio Channels Specially injecting message contents in Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa and its adjacent regions that are Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).
What can be the purpose and objectives behind this Tsunami of Information and Propaganda Channels?, that varies from mind to mind and community to community, but the fact that remains the same that Radio can influence a society like an injection to a human body. So besides state elements international organization are also taking interest to the business and holding their stations over those specific areas.
A recent example of radio influence upon society is the Swat war against insurgency which encircled the whole Malakand division into its impact. Whatever the reasons were, and regardless of discussing military and terrorist objective, the local Molvies had injected their brutality and fear in to the locals through illegally operating FM Radios that they become the regular listeners. It is very true if the Pakistani media did not convert it into a Holy war, definitely the military and establishment would have been surrendering against the chunk of Taliban at Swat region. So the region is still holding the concentration of international community and still we have to see some others technological and words wars that will be fighting with the same tool.



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