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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Poverty,unemployment claimed 16000 lives in Pakistan this year: Human Rights Commission Report

ISLAMABAD, 27 October 2011: Human Rights Commission has shown its deep concern over the increasing ratio of committing suicide in Pakistan. The attention has made after the suicide attempt of Raja Khan from Nowshehra Feroz at the front of Parliament. He committed suicide attempt in sack of getting rid off poverty and unemployment. The above figure is excluding those eight hundred who has though made their attempts but could not successful the commission stated. It has further stated the besides these attempts the crimes and militancy has also been claiming thousand of lives. The commission has shown it grief that the government has paid no attention towards the matter. The commission has also stressed the government to take serious steps towards the restoration of piece and public trust. The Human Rights Commission has also warned the authorities that to solve the problem and not to compel the public to set strikes and rallies.



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