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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Malala as an Economic Asset to Pakistan


Islamabad, Dec, 10, 2012: So called terrorism effectee of Swat valley on account of her voice for female education Malala Yousafzai, has gained much more attention on the global media and as lowering down the news content about her, The UNESCO has decided to raise a Fund in the name of braved Malala. The motive was initiated on the world human rights day in the Paris by President Asif Ali Zardari, after visiting Malala discovering her health.
 The announcement comes in the scenario when the Amnesty International has declared Pakistan the 33rd most corrupt country in its annual report. Last year Pakistan was enjoying 42 number in the aforementioned report while this year Pakistan made a great progress in the corruption skipping the 9 numbers in descending order. So in the country like Pakistan having such rapid progress in corruption, Malala Fund or Non Government Organizations working on Malala motives is nothing more than ghost funds and progress.  After having a enraged criticism on distinctive behavior between Malala and her other class mates who were also sustained injuries, the government only allow their treatment free but avoided the same reward like Malala. The fact is that what a noble deed Malala has done upon which the world is paying her tribute and is portraying her as a National Heroic character.The question also does arise that the Swat valley was completely censored in the news matters during swat operation then how could be an underage girl dare to leak the routine of swat without the permission of Inter Services Public Relations. If she did so without taking an ISPR version then she is guilty of a crime and she committed an anti state crime. I really shocked when I heard her as she quoted in this video. The video is being released some way back in 2009 on the world’s leading news Paper website The New York Times. The Malala expressed in the video that she feels shame of her Pakistani Army which is said to be one of the world’s best forces. And I think this all happened to Malala is the reward of these words and that blog, she was writing for British Broadcasting Corporation. So if the rebellion Malala can get such an honor then how can we termed Taliban as Terrorists.I will request to my Under graduated Politicians and to the Vital force of Pakistan please not to do media business on such issue and also please first check what have been dictated to you, if it is in your country favor Do follow it but if reflects your country negative then must avoid it.   Never ever prefer for your personal interest. Think for the nation and be competent to put forward our country on the progress track.



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