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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Drone kills Five, injured Seven

ISLAMABAD Feb, 16, 2012: American drone visits are in full fledge despite a diplomatic cold war. The American Drone jets again hit a so called target in North Waziristan. The early morning of Thursday carried a drone strike in Meran Shah, Spalga area of Narth Waziristan. The flights fired two missiles on a house leaving five dead and seven others received injuries.
The violation of arial frontiers of Pakistan, again been observed by the U.S drone scheme. Though the diplomatic situations have tightened the both, U.S and Pakistan so closely that none of them can let himself for a risk. But the United States shows its irresponsibility and wickedness in the region and attacking the sovereignty of a free nation. The recent exchange of harsh statements amongst both the states has led the situations to verse.



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