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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Thoughts about Journalism

ISLAMABAD, 02 Feb, 2012: it was 2008 when I got admission at versity for qualifying my master degree in journalism to swim in the pool of journalism. Being a student I was not too good to study hard but beside to be practical, I was a craze for joining this mysterious field. I have founded a little chance for getting start of my zero career and it was a news agency tolerating me because of their need and my devotion for work.

In the studies we have told that journalism is a platform from where a journalist can put a social problem or issue to the table of helms of affairs. Moreover we have also being told of media ethics and sensitivity of our pen about an event. Beyond all this as student of journalism I came across a few personalities, already feeding the media so it fueled more to my craze to be a journalist.
And at the end I got my degree in mass communication form the University of Peshawar in 2010. Now my first aim was to be engaged with a certain media organization to coordinate my theoretical achievements with practical horrors. It was more than a tough and frustrating job for me like student to hold himself unemployed in the city. Even then I kept crawling towards my aim that is to be journalist.
Somehow I visit the office of a media organization where I found a link to join a news agency as an internee and that was my first achievement, but what I found there,,,ohhhh was something cross proportional to all the stuff I studied. And once again I started from a new zero, but it was not that zero, worthy of nothing but some thing relaxing me, and providing a hope of fulfilling my dream.
And then I click another opportunity in which I am still engaged. But it was journey of two years wondering in media streets, that I stated in a few sentences. What I found the conclusion is that why the students are being taught that idea which is only a book limited and one cannot find it practicing somewhere. The other thing I got that with out any reference you are nothing in the media, provided that you are good journalist even. The third and last thing is that unemployment will slap you again and again but you have to hike your ego against it, that not to surrender. And when you got a little key to open big doors you will accredit your that survival as your ladder towards the sky.



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